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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Lisa Fabich
Title: Bookstore Specialist II (PT)
Phone: 541-245-7870 (Jackson)
August Farnsworth
Title: Dean, Student Success
Phone: 541-245-7728 (Jackson)
Alesha Farrar
Title: Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 541-245-7764 (Jackson)
Kevin Fay
Title: Lead Electrician, Facilities & Operations - RVC
Phone: 541-245-7716 (Jackson)
Justin Ferrel
Title: Courier/Receiving Specialist
Phone: 541-956-7261 (Josephine)
Daisy Fields
Title: Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 541-956-7089 (Josephine)
Phone: 541-956-7116 (Josephine)
Devon Finley
Title: Temp Staff
David Fleming
Title: Help Desk Technician
Phone: 541-245-7544 (Jackson)
Xandria Fowler
Title: Library Specialist II (Processing)
Phone: 541-956-7149 (Josephine)
Elizabeth Fraisure
Title: Temp Staff
Bea Frederickson
Title: Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 541-245-7527 (Jackson)
Judith (Nadean) Friesen
Title: Bookstore Specialist IV - Textbooks
Phone: 541-956-7258 (Josephine)
Jodie Fulton
Title: Contract and Procurement Manager
Phone: 541-956-7200 (Josephine)