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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Denise Caldwell
Title: Training Services Coordinator, MA, MAA, HCI, Phleb
Phone: 541-245-7565 (Jackson)
Taylor Carlson
Title: Assistant to the Director and Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7234 (Josephine)
Jan Carpenter
Title: Program Support Specialist IV - SOHOPE
Phone: 541-956-7247 (Josephine)
Lori Chancellor
Title: Training Services Coordinator
Phone: 541-956-7131 (Josephine)
Thayer (Navarro) Chandler
Title: Dean of Instruction, Education and Transfer
Phone: 541-245-7517 (Jackson)
Marie Chandler
Title: Accountant II (Budget)
Phone: 541-956-7029 (Josephine)
Edward (Andrew, Andy) Childress
Title: Disability Services Coordinator
Phone: 541-245-7692 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7431 (Josephine)
Rachel Christensen
Title: Assistant to the Dean, Student Success
Phone: 541-245-7723 (Jackson)
Head Coach
Title: Track and Field
Phone: 541-245-7771 (Jackson)
Amanda Comer
Title: Veteran's Specialist - School Certifying Official (PT)
Phone: 541-245-7805 (Jackson)
Susan (Gray) Conway
Title: Facilities Coordinator, ABE/GED/ESL
Phone: 541-956-7455 (Josephine)
Robert (Rob) Cook
Title: Applications Programmer/Analyst I
Phone: 541-956-7273 (Josephine)
Natalie Coppedge
Title: Student Records Specialist
Phone: 541-245-7861 (Jackson)
Leslie Cox
Title: Foundation Support Specialist (Accounting)
Phone: 541-956-7327 (Josephine)
Amber Crews
Title: Rogue Central Specialist
Phone: 541-245-7733 (Jackson)
Danielle Crouch
Title: Director, Enrollment Services
Phone: 541-245-7737 (Jackson)