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Elizabeth Patton- Administrative Support for Workforce Training& Continuing Education

Elizabeth began her career at RCC Workforce Training March 2002 when the department was located at the DOM which is now called the SORCC in White City. Table Rock Campus opened fall 2005 so the Work Force Training division joined with other departments to create what you could call a Business and Industry Training Center. Elizabeth has supported Jackson County High School Driver Training for a period and has provided continual support for the Commercial Truck Driver Training program from July 2002 to the present along with Short-term trainings as in Traffic Control Flagger Certification, Forklift Operator Safety Training and Customized Trainings.

Elizabeth has worked for Montgomery Ward’s in research using the old time microfiche to view sales slips; Longs Drug Store research division; Chevron in the corporate offices; and an Office Manager at “It’s a Very Nice Pool Service”. The last employer in the Bay Area, California, was with Bank of America as a Senior Administration Assistant to a Senior President of the Data Processing Center in Concord. Then the big change, Elizabeth and her young daughter adventured to Central Point, Oregon, July 2001 and have never looked back or regretted the change