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Benefits of Club Soccer

Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Playing teams all over the Pacific Northwest provides our players with exposure to coaches from many different colleges which could present opportunities for players to go on and play at other schools after leaving RCC.

Playing for the RCC club soccer team has no affect on a player's 2 years of eligibility to play Community College sports and 4 years of eligibility to play at a College or University. If you have already played college sports you are also still able to play for us as long as you fulfill all requirements for RCC.

RCC Soccer is about more than just soccer. From building a bond with your teammates as you become part of the RCC Athletics family, to helping out in our community, and beyond. Last year during our first season we helped Special Olympics soccer teams in Grants Pass and personally delivered a load of toys and activities to Doernbecher Children's hospital in Portland. It's always bigger than the game and at RCC Soccer that is more than just a tagline, its something we believe in.

Team chemistry is paramount to a soccer team, 11 players on the field who have to support and trust each other in every second. Every player defends and attacks as a team, picks each other up when we are down, celebrates our successes together, commiserates in our defeats, shows sportsmanship at all times. If a team does that, every game will be a success, regardless of the outcome.

  • RCC has one of the highest academic transfer rates (students best prepared)
  • RCC is one of the best schools in preparing students to move on and continue their education, with one of the highest academic transfer rates.
  • RCC Soccer wants to thank our community and sponsors for their great support as we work to start a successful athletics program in the Rogue Valley.