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RCC Budget Process

The annual budget serves as the foundation for Rogue Community College’s financial planning and control.  Rogue Community College is required by the State of Oregon to adopt an annual budget subject to the requirements of “Local Budget Law” as addressed in Oregon Revised Statutes 294.305 through 294.565.  The budget is a plan for the financial operations to be conducted during the coming fiscal year and is adopted annually, prior to July 1.

The budget committee is comprised of fourteen (14) members: seven (7) members of the advisory committee and seven (7) elected Board of Education members, each representing one of seven zones.  In the 1996 regular session of the Oregon General Assembly, House Bill 2972 was enacted creating new provisions for the annexed Rogue Community College District.  One provision was that the Rogue Community College Board of Education appoints an advisory committee of seven members, including three from Josephine County and three from Jackson County and one at-large member from persons nominated by the advisory committee.  Members of the advisory committee are then appointed to the Rogue Community College District budget committee.  Appointed members serve three-year terms.

It is the duty of the budget committee to analyze and approve the College’s proposed operating budget and forward its recommendations to the Board for final consideration.  As a part of the budget review and approval process, the budget committee holds public meetings at which citizens of the community are invited to give testimony on the budget before it is approved by the budget committee.

Following approval of the budget committee, the Rogue Community College Board of Education holds a public hearing on the budget.  The purpose of this hearing is to provide the citizens of the community an opportunity to give testimony on the budget approved by the budget committee before it is adopted by the Rogue Community College Board of Education.  The budget committee acts on fiscal matters, not on educational and personnel matters.

Rogue Community College maintains budgetary controls to ensure compliance with legal provisions embodied in the annual appropriated budget approved by the Rogue Community College Board of Education.  Activities of all funds required by state law to be budgeted are included in the annual appropriated budget.

The level of budgetary control (that is the level at which expenditures cannot legally exceed the appropriated amount) for all funds is established at the object level.  Transfers of appropriations between existing budget categories can be authorized by resolution of the Rogue Community College Board of Education.