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Policy 010: Faculty Senate


Rogue Community College recognizes the value of shared governance with faculty. The College recognizes the role of a Faculty Senate to empower and provide leadership, to consult on college governance issues, pursue integrity, fairness and truth with the highest ethical standards, ensure the maintenance of respect and an intellectually open and diverse environment, and promote excellence on all levels of college life and activities.

To enact shared governance, the Faculty Senate shall have the right to consider and advise the President and the Executive Team on all matters of educational policy that includes but is not limited to such fundamental matters as curriculum, methods of instruction, program and course evaluation, facilities, materials for instruction, standards for admission and retention of students, and criteria for granting certificates and degrees. This power also includes those aspects of student life that relate directly to the educational process, such as guidance of extracurricular activities, and freedom of action and expression.

The Faculty Senate will normally exercise the above powers through its representative body and committees.