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Policy 010: Purchasing Authority and Procedure


The President or designee shall be responsible for obtaining the needed goods and services at the lowest acceptable quotations.

ORS 279A.075: Unless otherwise provided in the Public Contracting Code, the exercise of all authorities in the code may be delegated and sub delegated in whole or in part.  Notwithstanding delegations of authority under this section, a person’s or agency’s exercise of the delegated authority is governed by the code and rules adopted under the code.

Community College Rules of Procurement CCR.102: Purpose and Statutory Authority.  These Rules are authorized by Public Contracting Code 279A.050 (Procurement Authority), 279A.055 (Personal Services Contracts), 279A.060 (Local Contract Review Boards), and 279A.070 (Rules).  All references to PCC shall mean Public Contracting Code as defined in ORS 279A.010 (1)(bb).  (Note:  Under ORS 279A.065(4), public contracting agencies in Oregon will be operating under the State of Oregon Attorney General’s Model Rules unless they have taken special action to opt out and adopt their own contracting rules.)

Participating Oregon Community Colleges. These Community College Rules of Procurement (CCRP) were drafted through a statewide, collaborative effort by representatives of Participating Oregon Community Colleges (POCC).  Pursuant to the POCC participatory agreement, Sections 100 and 200 of the CCRP shall remain unchanged unless modified by the POCC at a later date and subsequently ratified by each institution’s Local Contract Review Board.  Any member of the POCC that adopts changes to Sections 100 and/or 200 of the CCRP that have not been mutually agreed upon and adopted by all other POCC members shall by and through its actions, no longer qualify as a member of the POCC cooperative procurement group and shall not represent itself as such.

Sustainability Commitment In accordance with the Oregon Community College Rules of Procurement, member colleges are committed to the use and purchase of environmentally and socially responsible materials and products, which are fiscally responsible, reduce resource consumption and waste, perform adequately, and promote human health and well-being. Recognizing their regional economic role, colleges shall seek opportunities to educate, encourage, and influence their respective markets by utilizing, where feasible, products and services, including new environmentally preferable products, reusable products, recycled content and recycled products. 

All procurement on behalf of Rogue Community College shall be executed in accordance with the requirements of Public Contracting Code 279A.050 (Procurement Authority), 279A.055 (Personal Services Contracts), 279A.060 (Local contract review Boards), 279A.070 (Rules) and Community College Rules of Procurement adopted March 15, 2005 by the Local Contract Review Board.  The various thresholds for "formal" or "sealed" public bidding shall remain in compliance with these regulations as they may be amended from time to time. Where federal procurement regulations apply and are more restrictive than the state regulations, the federal regulations shall prevail.

[Also see Community College Rules of Procurement at]

Authority: ORS 279A.050 & 279A.075
Previous Policy Nos.: 3323 and 3324
Amended: July 12, 1978
Adopted: March 16, 1982
Revised: November 16, 1983
Approved: June 14, 1997
Amended/Approved: March 15, 2005
Amended/Approved: February 15, 2011
Amended/Approved: May 15, 2012

Policy 020: Responsibility for Breakage or Damage

IV.B.020All loss, breakage or damage to Rogue Community College property that is deemed to be the responsibility of a student or others, shall be charted to them in a fair and equitable manner. All funds collected for loss, breakage or damage will be deposited in the College’s Budget and Financial Services Office. These funds are College funds and shall be accounted for according to approved administrative procedures.

Previous Policy No.: 3180
Adopted: July 12, 1978
Approved: June 14, 1997
Amended/Approved: March 15, 2005

Policy 030: Disposal of College Surplus Materials and Equipment


  1. Materials and equipment may be determined to be surplus by the Vice President of College Services when it becomes deteriorated or obsolete. It may be determined to be surplus due to temporary or permanent phasing out of programs. When this determination is made, the Vice President shall direct the disposition of the property in accordance with ORS 279A.280. Rogue Community College may transfer computers and related hardware that are surplus, obsolete or unused to a common or union education service district. The District may not charge the school district a fee for the transfer.
  2. RCC may sell or transfer surplus property to a governmental agency or non-profit organization. Property acquired shall be used for public purpose or benefit and not for resale to a private purchaser.
  3. RCC may recycle or otherwise dispose of property when the department determines the value and condition of the property does not warrant the cost of a sale.
  4. In accordance with ORS 279B.055 or 279B.060 the College may sell surplus property.

Authority: ORS 279A.280
Previous Policy No.: 3435
Adopted: June 13, 1973
Adopted: March 14, 1979
Approved: June 14, 1997
Approved: March 15, 2005

Policy 040: Employee Use of College-Owned Equipment


Employees of Rogue Community College are provided with computers and telephones at nearly every workstation. In addition, employees have access to college-owned equipment (hereinafter "equipment") and/or services away from their workstation, such as portable computers, cellular phones, Internet connection, E-mail accounts, software products, fax machines, copy machines, tools, and other equipment, including college-owned vehicles. This policy establishes guidelines for employee use of equipment.

Equipment is not to be used for personal gain or for political activity.

Equipment should not provide services or assets to employees at a lower cost than what non-employees would enjoy for the same service or asset.

Equipment in the care of employees should be secured against loss or damage.

By this policy, employees can make use of their assigned computer, phone, facsimile machine or office copier for incidental personal use during:

  • their normal work day,
  • on their breaks or lunch hour; or
  • before or after working hours
  • for the purpose(s) of:
  • making calls that are otherwise inconvenient to make during non-work hours;
  • writing and/or answering E-mail;
  • making copies;
  • accessing the World Wide Web (www)

[See Staff Electronic Resource Procedure]

Any charges incurred for personal use should be reimbursed to the college by the employee on a monthly basis as follows:

  • Personal long distance telephone calls should be handled on individuals’ personal calling cards;
  • copier fees as set by the College administration;
  • any additional charges incurred as a result of the use of equipment.