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Policy 010: Board Member Code of Conduct


The Rogue Community College (RCC) Board of Education (Board) adopts, as its own, the following Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) Code of Ethics for School Board Members (modified):

An RCC Board member should:

  1. Understand the Board sets the standards for the District through Board policy. Board members do not manage the district on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Understand the Board makes decisions as a team. Individual Board members may not commit the Board to any action.
  3. Respect the right of other Board members to have opinions and ideas, which differ.
  4. Recognize decisions are made by a majority vote and should be supported by all Board members.
  5. Make decisions only after the facts are presented and discussed.
  6. Understand the chain of command and refer problems or complaints to the College President.
  7. Recognize the Board must comply with Public Meeting Law and only has authority to make decisions at official Board meetings.
  8. Insist that all Board and district business is ethical and honest.
  9. Be open, fair and honest -- no hidden agendas.
  10. Understand you will receive information that is confidential and cannot be shared.
  11. Recognize the College President is the Board’s advisor and should be present at all meetings, except when the Board is considering the President’s evaluation, contract, or salary.
  12. Take action only after hearing the College President’s recommendations.
  13. Refuse to use the position for personal or family gain or prestige. Announce conflicts of interest before Board action is taken.
  14. Refuse to bring personal or family problems into Board considerations.
  15. Give the staff the respect and consideration due skilled, professional employees.
  16. Present personal criticism of College operations to the College President, not to College staff or to a Board meeting.

Note: The Government Standards and Practices Laws: A Guide for Public Officials is available on line at and includes some of the most commonly asked questions that public officials have about Government Standards and Practices laws (GSPC).

The manual is an advisory opinion as described in ORS 244.280(3). If a public official takes action accurately based on the information contained in this manual, the individual may not be prosecuted by the GSPC for violating government standards and practices law by that action.

Policy 020: Board Positions on Legislative Matters


The Rogue Community College (RCC) Board of Education (Board) shall not take a position, either pro or con, on local, state, or national legislative matters unless it should vote to do so in such cases, which are of special interest and concern to the RCC District.

Policy 030: Duties and Responsibilities of the Board


The duties of the Rogue Community College (RCC) Board of Education (Board) will be to:

  • Select and appoint the president/administrator/clerk of the Board of the RCC District.
  • Determine the general Board policies which will govern the operation of RCC.
  • Adopt policies and procedures for the governance of RCC and to review them periodically.
  • Adopt the annual budget.
  • Review the appointment or dismissal of contracted employees upon recommendation of the College President.
  • Fix the rate of compensation for employees.
  • Consider and pass, upon recommendation of the President, on site acquisition and utilization and physical plant development.
  • Consider and pass, upon recommendation of the President, on matters of capital outlay with reference to buildings and major improvements.
  • Consider and pass, upon recommendation of the President, on matters of repair and maintenance of the buildings, grounds and equipment.
  • Require and consider reports from the President concerning the programs and conditions of the College.
  • Consider and pass upon new associate degree programs and offerings of the College upon recommendation of the President.
  • Adopt a College calendar.
  • Consider recommendations of the President in all matters of policy and programs pertaining to the welfare of the College.
  • Provide for the establishment of the necessary procedures to assure proper accounting of receipts, disbursements of College funds, those of student organizations and other funds under the supervision of the College.
  • Provide for the annual audit of all funds of the College, of student organizations, and other funds handled under the supervision of the College.
  • Authorize needed elections on matters that call for a vote of the people.
  • Consider communications and requests from citizens or organizations on matters of policy and administration.
  • Authorize the College President to establish citizen advisory committees.
  • Certify the tax levy to the County Assessor.

Authority: ORS 310.060
Previous Policy NO.: 1710
Amended: May 17, 1978
Amended: March 16, 1983
Adopted: June 14, 1997
Amended and Approved: December 20, 2005

Policy 040: Designation of Clerk and Deputy Clerk


The Rogue Community College (RCC) Board of Education (Board) District will appoint the President/Chief Executive Officer as District Clerk,  as provided by law.  The President/Clerk will appoint and prescribe the duties of a Deputy Clerk, in addition to those duties prescribed by law.

It will be the duty of the Clerk to perform as Clerk when specifically required by statute.

The Deputy Clerk will be delegated by the Clerk to perform the following duties and other duties as specified by the Clerk to:

  • Serve as custodian of District funds.
  • Have custodial responsibility for all fiscal records of the Board.
  • Furnish and file all financial reports as requested by the Board and President/Clerk and required by law.

Previous Policy No.: 1243
Amended: March 15, 1978
Amended: March 16, 1983
Adopted: June 14, 1997