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Physical Therapist Assistant

Program Requirements

Students accepted into the program will need to pass a drug test, pass a criminal background check. Required immunizations must be completed before students are placed in second-year clinicals. The following courses or their RCC equivalents must be completed with a grade of “C” or better:

Pre-requisites to apply

RCC Course Credits
MTH65 Fundamentals of Algebra II 4
MO 100 Medical Terminology: Introduction 3
BI121 Elementary Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab or  
*BI231 Anatomy and Physiology w/lab 4
PSY 201 General Psychology I or PSY 202 General Psychology II 4
WR121 English Composition I 4
GS104 Physical Science w/lab
Or PH201 General Physics I w/lab or PH202 General Physics II w/lab

*BI231 is accepted for extra points on the PTA program application

General Education Courses

Rogue Course Credits
SP 115 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 4
HE252 First Aid/CPR 3
BI122 Elementary Anatomy and Physiology II w/lab or
BI232 Anatomy and Physiology II w/Lab and BI233 Anatomy and Physiology III w/Lab


Anatomy and Physiology series must be complete by the end of the fall term – year one. Students who have taken BI121 may take BI122 in the Fall. Students who have taken BI231 must have completed BI232 and BI233 by the end of Fall Term.


PTA Program Courses - Rogue Cohort

Term Program Course Campus Credits
  PTA100 Introduction to Physical Therapy LaneOnline 3
  PTA101 Introduction to Clinical Practice 1 LaneOnline 5
  PTA101L Introduction to Clinical Practice 1 Lab Rogue 2
  PTA103 Introduction to Clinical Practice 2 LaneOnline 5
  PTA132 Applied Kinesiology 1 LaneOnline 2
  PTA103L Introduction to Clinical Practice 2 Lab Rogue 2
  PTA132L Applied Kinesiology 1 Lab Rogue 2
  PTA104 PT Interventions-Orthopedic Dysfunctions LaneOnline 5
  PTA133 Applied Kinesiology 2 LaneOnline 2
  PTA104L PT Interventions-Orthopedic Dysfunctions Lab Rogue 2
  PTA133L Applied Kinesiology 2 Lab Rogue 2
  PTA204 PT Interventions-Neurological Dysfunctions LaneOnline 5
  PTA 204L PT Interventions-Neurological Dysfunctions Lab Rogue 2
  PTA 280A Co-op Ed: First Clinical Affiliation Various clinical facilities throughout Oregon 6
  PTA 205 PT Interventions-Complex Medical Dysfunction LaneOnline 4
  PTA 205L PT Interventions-Complex Medical Dysfunction Lab Rogue 2
  PTA 280B Co-op Ed: Second Clinical Affiliation Various clinical facilities throughout Oregon 6
  PTA 200 Professionalism, Ethics, and Exam Preparation LaneOnline 4
  PTA 203 Contemporary Topics in Physical Therapy LaneOnline 2
  PTA 280C Co-op Ed: Third Clinical Affiliation Various clinical facilities throughout Oregon 6