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2014-2015 Course Descriptions and Syllabi

MTH 20 - Pre-Algebra
Topics include a review of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, a complete development of percent, ratio/proportion, exponents, order of operations, integers, the use of variables, and simple equation solving. Course is graded on a pass/no pass basis. Course does not transfer.
Prerequisites: RD30
Syllabus: Chandler, Mulleary, Perry, Petitt, Pool, Foster, Pollock
Reinforces skills in whole number, fractions, and decimals while introducing computation with rational numbers, exponents, order of operation, and the use of variables, expressions, formulas, and equations. Ratio and proportions, percent, and topics in measurement are also studied. Working with real data, formulas, and applications will be stressed. This course is open to students who place into either SK8 or MTH20. It is a one-term experience for these two courses, meeting the outcomes for MTH20 while providing support for motivated students who are place at the SK8 level. It is designed to increase confidence and desire to continue the study of math.
Prerequisite: Designated placement test score for SK8 or MTH20 as shown on current indicator chart and RD30 (may be taken concurrently).
RD 30 - College Reading (4 credits) - P/NP (Course Outline)
Improves reading, study, and vocabulary skills by developing specific strategies and analytical skills. Skills to be developed include comprehension, critical thinking, graphic illustrations, and use of library resources. Also addresses work-related literacies such as creative and critical thinking, following written and oral instructions, collaboration, and communication skills. Includes an individually prescribed reading plan in the reading lab.
Prerequisite: designated placement test score
Syllabus: Coen, Maguire-Cook, Miller, Smith, Crawford (M-W), Crawford (T-R)
RD 115 - Speed Reading for College (3 credits) - A-F
Teaches an effective speed reading process. It also develops skills needed to become a more intelligent reader and a more accomplished student. These skills include speed studying, speed researching, recognition of writing structures of fiction, various types of non fiction, and critical reading.
Prerequisite: College-level reading skills or completion of RD30, WR30.
Syllabus: Maguire-Cook, Clark, Settles
RD116 College Vocabulary Development (3 credits) - A-F
Adds significantly to the student's reading, writing, spelling skills, and speaking vocabularies, fosters an interest in words, and offers strategies for vocabulary development throughout life. Students will study word elements that hold the key to understanding English words. The vocabulary presented in this class will be practical, contextual, and relevant for all college students.
Prerequisites: RD30 and WR30.
Syllabus: Sandlin
RD120 - Critical Reading and Thinking (3 credits) - A-F
Develops students’ ability to think logically, problem solve, identify values, and understand the various reasoning processes. Students will gain confidence in becoming effective thinkers in academic, career, and personal situations. May be offered in a distance learning format where students complete all work on-line and via e-mail. The vocabulary presented in this class will be practical, contextual, and relevant for all college students.
Prerequisite:RD 30 and WR30
WR 20 - Fundamentals of Composition I (4 credits) - P/NP
Reviews standard written English skills. In addition to vocabulary building in the context of reading assignments, attention is given to helping students understand the relationship of reading and writing processes as a means to organize and relate their own thoughts in clear, effective paragraphs.
Prerequisite: WR10
Syllabus: Miller
WR 30 - Fundamentals of Composition II (4 credits) - P/NP
Introduces basic essay format while reinforcing sentence skills and paragraph development. Critical thinking and reading is also emphasized.
Prerequisite: WR20
Syllabus: Coen, Shaw, Brockman, Clark, Settles
Prepares students who place into either WR20 or WR30, or who have completed WR10, for college-level writing. It provides a faster, more challenging pace than the standard WR20 course, while still meeting the outcomes for WR30.
Prerequisite: WR10
WR 30 - Fundamentals of Composition II Online (4 credits) - P/NP
This course covers the content as the traditional WR30 course, however students complete all work online and via e-mail.
Prerequisite: WR20
WR115 Introduction to Expository Writing (3 credits)
Reviews the basic conventions, purposes, and strategies of college-level writing, with an emphasis on in-class writing. Course will survey a variety of rhetorical modes and prepare students for impromptu questions and essays.
Prerequisites: RD30 and WR30.
WR185 Understanding English Grammar (2 credits)
Explores the structure of the English language as well as grammatical conventions. Increases students' awareness of the rhetorical effects on the reader. Students will be given activities and instruction with the purpose of being able to proofread and edit their own writing.
Prerequisite: RD30 and WR30.
Syllabus & Outline: Miller, Shaw